What No One Tells the Digital Marketer

Are you in charge of the company website? Website management can be a heck of a lot to ask of someone—from maintaining a CMS, to knowing best practices of digital compliance and accessibility, or making recommendations for security. And that’s without even mentioning the day-to-day work of creating good content, building brand image, or leveraging a website as a robust business tool!

To help web marketers and managers stay atop of an ever-changing digital landscape, Isovera offers What No One Tells the Digital Marketer, a workshop covering the basics of website accessibility, usability, performance, security, and how to leverage your content management system.

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Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what drives web performance, and how to optimize for competitive performance with a performance budget
  • Understand the importance of website accessibility, implications of WCAG and the ADA act, and tips for a more accessible website.
  • Understand security basics, including data breaches, SSL certificates, and security audits, and learn components of a secure site.
  • Understand how to leverage a content management system to make the most of their online presence

Target Audience

This half-day course is designed with a specific focus on digital marketers and website content managers who interact with their company website on a daily basis, and who are looking to improve their knowledge of how to leverage their website for smoother admin and user experiences, and better business outcomes.


There are no prerequisites for this course, though many course participants have some degree of website or content administrator experience.


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