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We offer a variety of workshops on working with Drupal, development workflows, and a bit more general ones on working with Git and website performance. We also offer custom training tailored to your teams’ needs. Get in touch if you don’t see exactly what you need: we’re used to tailoring the offerings to get you just the training you need!

Foundations of Theming & Layouts in Drupal 8

Theming in Drupal 8 is easier and more flexible than ever before! There are a huge number of new and enhanced features included, with more being added all the time. Tools and capabilities you will want to use whether you’re sprucing up an existing site or building one from scratch. Come learn about the new theme architecture, templating language, and how well it all integrates with modern web design and development trends. You’ll come away with your own simple theme that showcases all of the learnings from throughout the day.

Frontend Performance in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has the potential to be the fastest version of Drupal yet. But that’s in your hands to make it so! It’s all about the content construction, configuration, and theme decisions you make during the site building process. Together, we’ll take a look at the new features in Drupal 8, the different performance configuration settings available, and how they affect the site as a whole. We’ll discuss how to develop a performance strategy that includes a performance budget with benchmarks you can use to measure your current site and find where you can improve.

What No One Tells the Digital Marketer

Are you in charge of the company website? Website management can be a heck of a lot to ask of someone—from maintaining a CMS, to knowing best practices of digital compliance and accessibility, or making recommendations for security. And that’s without even mentioning the day-to-day work of creating good content, building brand image, or leveraging a website as a robust business tool!