We love Drupal so much that we want everyone to know it. To do that, we have to train everyone…and we understand (logically) that probably isn’t possible. But training you—now that we can do! Technical or non-technical background, Drupal newbie or pursuing more advanced capabilities, our Acquia-approved trainers can help you along the learning curve.

Our most reasonable rates are available in periodic workshops at our office, and we also provide private training and tailor custom training to your specific needs.

Workshop schedule & course catalogue

As an Acquia Training Partner, our workshops follow a standardized and proven approach to learning Drupal. Workshops are hands-on, where students practice their skills while they learn. We keep our class sizes small to ensure each student receives individualized attention from the instructor, setting you up for success with your next Drupal challenge. Check out our course catalogue for upcoming options!

Private training

Sometimes a workshop isn’t scheduled when your team needs it, or you prefer the training to take place at your location. Isovera has an extensive curriculum and instructors that can efficiently factor in a wide variety of private training options to fill your needs. We can rapidly increase your knowledge and skills to accomplish staff training on your schedule. 

Custom training

There are moments when you need training on a specific skill to fill a gap for a project, whether current or upcoming. We are Drupal experts, and with a conversation or two, can ascertain if materials exist to fit your needs or don’t. In those instances where curriculum doesn’t exist, we will build a workshop that addresses your team’s interests and training needs.

Custom training is the best choice when you need targeted training to address specific blockers and pain points. Preparation for custom workshops includes reviewing your site, conducting short interviews to identify the goals of the training, and preparing training outlines and custom documentation.

Site-tailored documentation

When Isovera builds a Drupal site, our intent is to make it as user friendly as possible - but sometimes even we can’t make a complex system intuitive enough to allow a person who is new to the site to hit the ground running. Whether Isovera or a third party built the site, sometimes a how-to document can bridge the gap between training and execution.

The quickest way to figure out what level of documentation you need and to get an estimate for the project is to talk to us. We’ll ask questions to start paving the way to your tailored documentation.

Practice makes perfect

Talk to us about your training and documentation needs. We’ll help you get the most out of your Drupal site and help your team level-up in the process. Find out what a difference even a day can make.