graphic & user experience design

User experience design

Sample roadmap flow for migrating content

User experience (or UX) design is all about how it works—especially from the users’ points of view. We smooth steps, make content easy to find, and highlight how to take action. Your users get what they want, fast and easy.

Our UX design process doesn’t stop with your users: we make it easy for your team to focus on your customers—not worry about how to maintain your website. To make that happen, we involve you at every step, getting your team into the system early on in the process. That way we can be sure it meets your requirements. Once the process is complete we deliver project details and specifications.

Graphic design

Style tiles from our redesign of the Fidelis Cybersecurity homepage

Good design has a structure and rhythm to it that supports and complements the message being conveyed. Great design is all that in partnership with you. It take time, thought, and clear lines of communication between all parties. We don’t believe in the magic of a ‘big reveal’—we are firmly of the mind that success comes from a thousand yes’s. We involve you in every step of the process: from initial wireframes and architecture, to style tiles to set initial design direction and vocabulary, to mockups and iterations of the final design. This yields better results: less chance of misunderstanding, more frequent opportunities to course-correct, and more time to go from a good outcome to a truly compelling one. 

Our design process focuses on patterns: typography, layout, and color, that are built into successively more complex objects. This results in a more consistent, thoughtful design system that can more easily be extended and modified in the future. This gives your site a longer lifespan that better supports your brand.

Let us give your brand a voice

Talk to us about how we can create a design that embodies your brand and truly connects with your customers. We’ll work with you to get that voice just right.