The SHUL website is a modern, feature-rich academic library website that utilizes Drupal technology to stay current and create an excellent user experience.


Technical Summary: 

Thanks to Drupal integration with SHUL’s library software, library patrons at Sacred Heart now have easy online access to SHUL’s entire library catalog and its full database and e-journal list.  SHUL also utilizes Drupal to create advanced search features that can factor in user and material locations, language and material types.  The SHUL site also has an integrated Meebo chat feature so that patrons can connect with reference librarian’s in real time.



SHUL’s librarians and in-house technical staff wanted to create a library site that provides easy access to all library materials for patrons and connects patrons to the library.  Integrating SHUL’s Drupal site with the Millennium ILS and creating access to the library’s databases allows librarians to showcase all of the library’s materials to students and patrons.  SHUL’s new site keeps patrons and librarians up to date with the latest info and RSS feeds about the library.



SHUL uses Drupal to bring library materials, news and information right to the fingertips of the Sacred Heart University community.  Patrons can access the library’s entire catalog and all databases and e-journals thanks to Drupal’s integration with SHUL’s library software.  Drupal’s advanced search capabilities further help SHUL’s patrons find what they need quickly and easily.  The site’s integrated Meebo chat feature allows patrons to communicate with reference librarians in real time from any location, further helping patrons use SHUL’s site to find what they need.