Technical Summary: 

Isovera created a Drupal site for CHAPA that allows CHAPA staff to update and maintain the site with a friendly user interface and readily available templates.  By using carefully selected Drupal modules, Isovera created a job board, a dynamically updated homepage with news and events, e-commerce capabilities and a searchable consultants directory.  In addition, Isovera created an events management system which allows for CHAPA users and staff to stay better connected with Massachusetts’s housing community.  With these features, CHAPA’s audience gained a much-improved user experience that allowed them to find the consultant and housing they needed.



CHAPA serves the Massachusetts communities involved in seeking, maintaining and developing affordable and accessible housing.  Over time, CHAPA had amassed a large amount of web resources that was overtaxing the organization’s 5-person staff.  Isovera created a new website in Drupal for CHAPA which improved front-end and back-end functionality and simplified the site so that CHAPA’s staff could easily update and maintain it.



CHAPA’s audience varies from affordable and accessible housing seekers, property managers and staff from other housing agencies.  With the new Drupal site, CHAPA’s audience can search for housing, stay up-to-date on events and search for jobs on a job board.  The improvements Isovera made to CHAPA’s web site allow users to find information and housing that meets their needs more efficiently than before.