Rocket Software: Team augmentation and site functionality expansion

Isovera’s staff of developers supported Rocket’s internal staff, bolstering development capacity, and provided extensive training and documentation services on a large-scale website redesign.

Rocket Software’s website redesign showcases a situation we’re seeing more often in our work. As web projects become more advanced, internal staffing doesn’t always cover development timeframes. Isovera was able to step into the project and offer full-time availability of a highly-skilled staff of five, including four developers and a project manager. With this added assistance, and the staffing flexibility offered by Isovera, the project was able to go live on time, and on budget. Training has played an important role in the work Isovera performed with Rocket Software. Isovera worked with Rocket to provide in-person and remote training and documentation services to allow Rocket’s staff to manage and best-utilize their newly created site. Site documentation, provided as a Wiki, allows for search and an easily-accessed location for reference.

Expanding site functionality

From the start of this project, it was imperative that the site be responsive and utilize features such as SVG images, scalable typefaces, and progressive JPEGs. Design played an important role in this site redesign, and lead to a heavily-customized backend to accommodate the complexity of the site design. SOLR search functionality allows for faceted search results by “solutions” to a clients issue. This search functionality also scans PDF documents, and displays them as a result when relevant. The relationship between data and data models is very complex (product family, solution, etc.) and required SOLR to be heavily customized to expose this level of complexity without being daunting to a site user. Security and testing played an important role in this project, and great measures were taken to ensure that site editors are only able to access work relevant to them. It was also determined that the ability to save work as a draft would be integrated into the backend. Isovera chose to utilize Behat testing, and provided full documentation to Rocket’s staff on how to run tests in a behavior-based development environment.