Richland Library: Streamlined processes and single sign-on integration

Richland Library and Isovera built out an integrated Drupal-based solution to streamline and simplify various library processes.

Richland Library approached Isovera with the intention to rethink the way patrons interact with their website. Richland Library and Isovera worked to create a fully-integrated means for patrons to search various library assets without the need to “hop the wall” and log into traditional search sites. By integrating multiple library services, and creating a single sign-on, library patrons are able to interact more fluidly with the Richland Library site, and enjoy a seamless user experience. Library staff members are more easily able to control the content patrons see, furthering the mission of creating a new level of enjoyment while using the library site.

Improving user experience through seamless interactions

Richland Library sought a totally-integrated solution for its ILS, payment systems, and search/discovery interface. Isovera developed a comprehensive Drupal-based system which addresses Richland’s needs, and created a seamless and unified experience for both patron and library staff users. The result: an integrated online catalog that allows users to search and discover records from myriad sources, while allowing Richland Library full control over the user experience. In addition to the OPAC integration, Library staff members and patrons alike will enjoy the ease of Isovera’s commerce solution for online fine payment. This service integrates with Horizon and, and provides a streamlined approach to payment processing. Additional scope of work included a site-integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) system using Drupal, Fedora Commons, and Islandora.  

Key Systems Integrated: PolarisHorizonAmazon Merchandising API