Pegasystems: Creating Community with Drupal 8

In a comprehensive team augmentation project, Isovera worked with Pegasystems to create a robust business solution that set the company up for site success, inclusive of a 22% surge in organic search traffic, and an 84-second increase in average session duration!

Pegasystems engaged with the team at Isovera for Pega Community, a complete redesign and development project leveraging the power of Drupal 8.


The Community Infrastructure

Pega Community exists as a way to provide users who design, build, use, and maintain Pega solutions with the knowledge and support to drive successful projects; the community exists to enable users to be Pega advocates.

To build the community site, the Isovera team worked with Pega to deliver a best-in-class, intent-based information architecture (IA).

Pega’s new architecture infrastructure offers targeted user journeys to primary audiences.

Intent-based IA means that a website is designed based on user intent, or the root of why a user comes to a website. When building a site that addresses user intent, a site offers clear call to actions for each user persona that comes to a site; a developer looking for documentation should be able to find it quickly; a potential client should be able to easily access a demo or a sales team.

By helping Pega site visitors find what they are looking for easily, the Pega community site builds brand trust and fosters a sense of community, which in turn creates strong relationships.


Designing for Shared Learning

When designing and building new websites for pre-established companies, it is incredibly important to keep corporate branding and digital presence consistent throughout varying web properties.

A key business objective of building and designing the community site project was to align the new site message, tone, and branding with the existing Pega brand.

Isovera took immense care to help Pega ensure that branding stayed consistent with that of the Pegasystems main site

Because Pega is recognized as a top customer engagement and digital process automation software tool across the country and internationally, it was imperative that users had the same experience visiting the community site as they did the Pega main home site. By creating a strong, cohesive brand, Isovera helped deliver a digital experience that cultivates a thriving ecosystem and provides users with compelling reasons to regularly visit, contribute, and help others.


Business Success

By working with Isovera, Pega was able to create a robust business solution that set the company up for future success. In the first month alone of launching the new site, Pega commandeered major wins, with analytic reports indicating a nearly 20% increase in page views! In fact, from June 2017 to June 2018, data across the board showed major increases in traffic and engagement, including:

  • 14% increase in page views
  • 16% increase in pages per session
  • 22% increase in organic search traffic
  • An 84-second increase in average session duration!

In addition to general user engagement, the launch of the new site coincided with the opening of Pega Community Registration. Following the launch of the site, Community registrant numbers soared with a 21% increase of “active registrants”* (an increase of 8.1 thousand registrants from 2017), and a staggering 46% increase of total registrants (up 54.2 thousand registrants from 2017)!

Give the Pega Community site a spin at!


*Active registrants are users who have interacted with the Pega Community in the last 90 days.


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