OpenClinica: Case report forms, software management, and documentation and resources integration

Site integration with significant web properties such as a library of peer-reviewed case report forms, a site for tracking and managing software issues, and a collection of interactive documentation and resources for users.

OpenClinica provides exceptional open source clinical trial software to 12,000 members in 100 different countries around the world.  Isovera created a sophisticated system to help OpenClinica manage its community of users and promote their software. Event management capabilities, wiki sites for documentation, issue tracking and integration of emails and bulletin board discussions allow OpenClinica to provide premium service to its paying clients as well as the open-source community. Integration with CRM and marketing automation as well as e-commerce software helps OpenClinica manage their commercial clients. With real-time software demonstrations, OpenClinica can demonstrate their software and increase their sales to users searching for clinical trials software. Isovera has created a sophisticated platform that helps OpenClinica better develop its open source community and also manage its commercial activities.

Creating a dual platform

For OpenClinica, Isovera created two platforms, one for OpenClinica’s open source community and another for OpenClinica’s commercial clients.  For the open source community, the site provides integration and synchronization of email and discussion boards, event management capabilities, issue tracking, community member profiles and wiki sites for documentation and resources.  For OpenClinica’s commercial clients, the site includes integration with CRM and marketing automation, e-commerce software and real-time user-driven product demonstration.  With these features, OpenClinica supports its open source community and provides enterprise level services and features to commercial clients.  Thanks to e-commerce integration and marketing automation, OpenClinica can manage its large and growing community of users with ease.

Key Systems Integrated: PardotGoogle AnalyticsCASMantisPaypal