Hunter Boots: E-Commerce solutions and international presence establishment

Hunter Boots is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, world-known for their quintessentially-British Wellies. Isovera worked with Hunter Boots to create an innovative e-commerce experience, and a robust back-end for business functions.

Isovera worked with Hunter Boots to improve and streamline Hunter Boots’ web presence over various country-specific sites. Isovera utilized our in-house technical expertise to develop a custom Drupal Commerce solution that integrates Drupal with PayPal and Cybersource and Powerhouse, as well as creates a means for automated email marketing. As a result of this process, Isovera created a scalable site that allows Hunter Boot’s web team to drive traffic across multiple markets and channels, increase sales and revenue, and provides a unified, cohesive sales experience for the customer.

Rapid deployment for an expedited timeline

Previously, Hunter Boots had no online presence in the US. Isovera developed a responsive theme for the site taking design inspiration from their existing UK site, and developed it in such a way which allows for rapid expansion into new markets. The Canadian site, leveraging many aspects of the US site, and taking advantage of Drupal’s flexible architecture, allowed for a rapid deployment in only three months. Hunter Boots plans to take a same approach as they expand their presence for additional country-specific sites.

Custom and commerce key system integrations

Drupal’s content management tools empower Hunter’s web staff to easily and flexibly merchandise their product while Commerce provides a secure, world-class shopping cart platform and robust API to accommodate business rules that range from simple to sophisticated.

Using a UI built from Views and Panels, Hunter’s web managers create and update pages on a daily basis allowing them to implement both long term seasonal campaigns and to react to real-time sales and analytics data. Similarly, they can efficiently manage product information like price, availability and product attributes using built-in Commerce tools, modules like Views Bulk Operations, and UI approaches adopted from Commerce Kickstart.

Commerce and its contributed community’s support for multiple stock locations, multiple currencies, PayPal and Cybersource payments and real-time sales tax calculation allows Hunter’s site to support customers in both the US and Canada now, and other parts of the world in the future.

On top of Drupal and Commerce’s robust APIs, Isovera built custom integrations with Hunter’s back-end warehouse, accounting and customer relationship management systems. Isovera additionally leveraged Drupal 7’s support of advanced caching mechanisms to implement Varnish and Redis to provide excellent, scalable performance.

Key Modules Used: CommerceFeaturesContextContext RulesContext DomainContext ReactionMenusServicesFeedsFeeds Tamper

Key Systems Integrated: PowerhouseCybersourcePaypalNLS