Fidelis Cybersecurity: Design and Content Management Controls for a Serious Impact

Isovera worked with Fidelis Cybersecurity to create a redesign and restructure of the Fidelis website.

In a truly collaborative project, the Isovera team redesigned and restructured the Fidelis Cybersecurity website to support the rollout of their new product platform. The goal of the project was to present a completely new look — Fidelis 2.0 — that would better convey the company’s business value and credibility.

Kicking off

The project began with an intensive onsite workshop, where Isovera identified goals, conversion paths and CTAs for user personas, and then developed a hierarchy for the content areas of the homepage based on those objectives.

Getting serious

We were then faced with the challenge of matching the site’s look and feel with these goals. The existing site did not align with the personas the client wanted to attract. It relied heavily on vector graphics and “soft” design elements, which did not support Fidelis’ positioning as a “serious company that solved serious problems.”

Isovera performed a competitive analysis of industry websites to identify differentiation opportunities in visual language components such as colors palette, fonts, imagery, and other brand elements that would support Fidelis’ positioning.

Design process

Based on those findings, Isovera iteratively developed the site design, starting with style tiles and then moving into design comps. The designs evolved rapidly, with daily iterations and extremely collaborative workflow between the design team and the client. The final design was described by the client as “fresh, forward-looking, and expansive” while still supporting Fidelis’ reputation for serious cybersecurity solutions.

Building for success

As we built out the backend to support the new homepage structure, we focused on making the site as flexible as possible from a content perspective. Extensive use of the Paragraphs module enables content developers to quickly and easily drag and drop a variety of homepage elements into place.

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Want to learn more?

In addition to design and development work, we also offer a range of training and workshop options that cover everything from a basic ‘Intro to Drupal’ to layout and theming, security, performance, module development, and more.