BidSquare: Online bidding platform establishment

Isovera worked with International Auction Partners (IAP) to create a user-friendly, and visually-pleasing website that showcases auction lots from various auction houses around the world. 

International Auction Partners (IAP) approached Isovera with an idea to create a new online bidding platform that would be easily searchable by users, while providing an unparalleled user experience. The site, which currently pulls data from six of America’s foremost auction houses, allows users access to a vast array of property ranging from fine jewelry to historic artifacts. The site also affords users access to an ever-growing searchable database, which currently has over 600,000 auction records.

The new site,, serves as a one stop shopping experience, where users can preview auction lots easily-searched by taxonomy, create watch lists, and engage with other site users in a social context that was until now, unheard of.

Creating communicative elements

Drupal was chosen for this project namely for it’s flexibility and high levels of customization. The site communicates with existing SAM Auction Software, yet displays results in far more logical and visually-pleasing means. This customization allows users the ability to easily see the relationship between items in an auction lot, and the auction house which they are associated to — furthering the search experience for the user.

Integrating for better experiences

Although International Auction Partners (IAP) utilized the existing SAM Auction Software, they were not impressed with the display of auction items, or the search provided through the front-end experience. Drupal was selected because of its flexibility and ability to integrate with various software, as well as its visually customizable experience for users. Drupal was integrated with SAM Auction Software and provides for a more enjoyable interaction with the site, while showing both relations between items/auction lots and which auction they are associated with. This integration also allows for a searchable directory of auction houses. OpenCalais provides auction lot tagging for SEO, and provides navigation through the site. SVG artwork was chosen for the site to make images visually attractive on screen, regardless of screen resolution.

Key Modules Used: MigrateOpenCalaisAmazon S3 File SystemsGoogle AnalyticsDisplay SuiteBeanFlexSliderAdmin Views

Key Systems Integrated: OpenCalaisSAM Auction Software