Alexander Street Press: Online video store creation

Isovera created a media-rich site that helps ASP to capture, engage and convert their various customer segments.

Alexander Street Press (ASP) approached Isovera to develop a media-rich site that would allow users to search ASP’s extensive collection of educational resources. One of the key parts of this project was the integration of geo-specific payment processing which would allow transactions to be conducted in many currencies, based on the site user’s location. It was also imperative that a media-focused approach was taken to present content, especially videos. Content on the site is either sent to users on physical media, or is issued as a license to view through the website. For content that is shipped to customers, staff at ASP enjoy a streamlined, and partially automated process for warehouse management and shipping functions.

Streamlining processes

Isovera produced a high-quality design paired with a comprehensive Drupal backend, that gave the Alexander Street Press team the tools to successfully showcase their products on the web. The site includes special content to give viewers a complete introduction to their products as well as dynamic streaming of their news and events. Isovera also build a video store for ASP.vStore2, as it the new video store is called, is a platform run on Drupal Commerce to sell DVDs and offer streaming content. Isovera designed an solution connects the new Drupal video store site with their in-house CRM API to sync up customer data, and will also sync up with their in-house search API. This will enable the new video store to be in-sync with the new videos that will be uploaded by the ASP production team.Additional work included integration with third-party credit processing and warehouse management software to streamline order processing for ASP’s internal staff, and to decrease order wait time for customers. 

Key Systems Integrated: SalesforceWebform LeadsPardotAcquia SearchMollomGoogle Analytics