Event Type: 

Introduction to Drupal 8 provides a broad introduction to the essential skills necessary when building websites with Drupal; and, is a solid introduction to Drupal 8. During this interactive course, you will build a functioning Drupal website following the steps outlined in class, and in the accompanying guide. The procedures are introduced step ­by ­step and then reinforced with practice and challenges. Your instructor will help guide you through the process of establishing this new way of working.

This course serves as a prerequisite to Acquia's Building Websites with Drupal 8 course.

Target Audience: 

Newcomers to Drupal. This class will be an overview targeted at those new to Drupal who are looking for a hands-on introduction.


  • An understanding of website building using a Content Management System is helpful.

  • Experience using and building websites using systems such as Wordpress, Joomla!, or HTML and CSS is helpful.
Course Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe key features and functionality provided by Drupal 8 core
  • Define Drupal terminology and describe concepts
  • Explain and summarize how Drupal sites are constructed and themed 
  • Search for and use Modules to extend Drupal's functionality 
  • Articulate the benefits of using Drupal 8 to develop websites
  • Model content types
  • Create lists of content and other data
  • Assemble a website out of individual components
What to bring: 
  • Laptop computer
  • Notepad and pen
  • Drupal enthusiasm!

Morning coffee/continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. 

Additional Information: 

If possible, try to arrive a half-hour or so early so that we can get any technical issues solved and start the session promptly. Thank you!