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Drupal 7 users—the time to migrate to Drupal 9 is now.

Birds do it every year, but Drupal 7 (D7) users must migrate to Drupal 9 (D9) in 2022 or face a rash of potentially unpleasant consequences, including the security breaches and eroded functionality that accompany obsolete and unsupported code. It’s important to note that a Drupal 8 (D8) upgrade is no longer an option for D7 users, because the D8 end of life (EOL) has already come and gone (November 2021).

That happened because moving from D8 to D9 was an easier task to accomplish, given the similarities between their code bases. Developers still worked to accomplish upgrades, but the process was a much lighter lift than the full migration required to move from D7 to D9, or any new release thereafter. 

Isovera is your partner for D9 readiness

Isovera can help you assess your site for D9 readiness by conducting a technical audit that includes:

  • Evaluation of back-end site technology
  • Review of all modules and functions
  • Assessment of compliance with ADA access standards

We’ll also provide a roadmap that reflects the milestones and timeline we recommend as the optimal approach for site migration—and this roadmap will account for future development needs. 

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D7-D9 Migration Process

Drupal 7-9
Drupal 7-9

Technical Audit

We evaluate your sites's back-end site functionality, review its modules and integrations and check for compliance.



Your personalized migration journey complete with milestones and timeline.



Your migration journey in action! Each of those milestones becomes a development sprint where we work together to build and develop a sustainable site that grows with you overtime.

Isovera ONE

Isovera ONE

A migration is only the beginning. At Isovera, we partner with you to not only maintain your website, but help strategize and grow your business.

What makes this D7 to D9 migration complex? 

The term is called “migrating” because it implies the significant effort required to move from one platform to another, in this case from D7 to D9. While both are in the Drupal family, D9 reflects a completely new generation of coding standards that essentially render it a “new” platform when compared to D7. As a result, D7 sites now must be carefully evaluated for code, content, and configuration before they can be fully reimagined, redesigned, and rewritten in D9. It’s a labor-intensive project that offers both challenges and opportunities but definitely demands a full technology audit as the launching point for site managers seeking digital transformation. The good news? Isovera, with unrivaled depth of Drupal experience, can help. 

Bridging technology and marketing

Migrating from D7 to D9 not only establishes a more stable and secure technical environment, but creates the perfect opportunity for organizations to invest in a brand refresh. All code must essentially be rewritten when moving from D7 to D9, so why not redesign now instead of rewriting code twice? New messaging and a new look and feel may result in reinvigorated engagement with site users and business stakeholders, as well as act as a rallying cry within the firm. 

Isovera offers the technical capacity, branding and creative expertise, and full-on ingenuity that you need to get your site ready to support your business today and in the future.

Check out our work on below, where not only did we do a D9 migration, but helped redefine and modernize an aging brand.


A newly defined digital system unified a 100-year-old technology giant’s identity while accelerating its capacity for innovation.


Why Choose Isovera for your D9 Migration?

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Our expert teams—technical, brand, and design—ensure that your digital presence is in line with your business objectives.

Don’t delay, Schedule your site audit! 

While it may be tempting to put off addressing D7 to D9 site migration, don’t. End of life means no new security patches and no new modules to support UX/UI, a precarious business position that leaves sites wide open and vulnerable to hacking, degraded user experiences, and a bottoming out in Google rankings.

Keep your business and your digital identity as stable and secure as possible by migrating from D7 to D9.

Get started today by contacting Isovera for a technical audit and roadmap, starting at $4,000.

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This is Matt Naffah

This is Matt Naffah

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