Delivering a hefty Drupal migration and a community-first platform ahead of a crucial deadline.

The Project

Drupal 7 to 8 Migration & Interactive Community. Pega, a leading provider for customer engagement and operational excellence, looked to migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 while also creating a highly interactive community-first platform that inspire users to visit, contribute, educate, and engage with each other.


Bolt Design System
UI/UX Data Migration
Drupal Development
Brand Expression


Workforce Engagement
Universal Market Penetration

Pega Icons
Pega Community

A conference deadline escalated Pega's timeline on the redesign of a Jive-based community forum beloved by a universe of passionate users. But before the new platform could be launched, a hefty data migration from the forum's legacy host to Pega's Drupal site was required. To deliver on time, Pega boosted its internal capacity not by outsourcing, but by insourcing the multidisciplinary team at Isovera.

To deliver Peda's community platform, Isovera first conducted a complex data migration to Drupal from the legacy site's instance on Jive Forums. Then a new front end was designed using Bolt, the system that guides branding across the universe of Pega websites, and which Isovera swiftly embraced as a native tool.

Isovera specialists augmented the development team, delivering a hefty Drupal migration & a community-first platform ahead of a crucial deadline.
Using Pegasystems

The developers at Isovera are a symphony of specialists. Our broad expertise and deep experience enable us to collaborate closely with any client seeking unique and sustainable digital solutions. We help clients work smarter and faster, while making ingenious use of available resources. At Pega, we worked as peers among their development team providing critical assistance on a big digital win.


Technology Transformation & Digital Strategy


Design, UX, & Improving Customer Experiences


Development of Digital Solutions


Ongoing Support & Skill Augmentation

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