Defining a digital system for the aerospace and defense company that accelerates innovation for extreme environments.

Together at Isovera

The Project

CAES is a leading innovator in the aerospace and defense industry. They have helped create GPS, improve radiation testing, and have created pieces on nearly every satellite you look up at in the sky and see blinking.


UX Design
UI Design
Drupal Development
Brand Development


Engineering and Manudfacturing

Component design

If you looked at CAES’ website in 2019, none of this would have been apparent. Grown from a series of mergers and acquisitions, Cobham’s branding and digital presence did not represent the values of the organization. Cobham needed an ingenious partner to help them transform their brand message, digital activation and technology roadmap without losing their heritage and established expertise.

To bring CAES’ brand together, we began by working closely with CAES team members - everyone from phone reps to the CEO. Isovera put together an extensive Discovery session to understand technology needs and company values to create a roadmap for future growth. Over several months, we created a modernized brand transformation that visually defined who CAES is and showed how CAES is pioneering space and defense exploration. The new website was created to be value-driven, and showcase the key principles that CAES holds intrinsic to its existence: innovation, exploration, and fearlessness.

Isovera helped a world leader in aerospace and defense electronics with stronger branding and messaging with a new website experience.

Technology Transformation & Digital Strategy


Design, UX And Improving Customer Experiences


Development Of Digital Solutions


Ongoing Support & Skill Augmentation

Marc Rust

The team involved in this project had to dive into a totally new world of high end engineering and technology. It was amazing giving CAES a new voice from the website to a new logo and messaging!

Marc Rust

VP of Creative & Brand Experience

The roadmap also allowed us to continue to help CAES grow and expand, from ideating on new ways to engage site visitors, creating interactive product builders, and building different outlets to display content. We are considered long-term partners and a true extension of their team.