A New CMS and Dynamic Front-End Development Helps Maritime Data Modeling Giant Communicate with Financial Brokers and Ship-Tracking Businesses


The Project

Boston-based CargoMetrics aggregates, stores, and analyzes the world’s largest maritime data set. When the firm pivoted from focusing on investment and financial management activities to providing data products and SaaS solutions to the investment management and maritime shipping and logistics markets, they needed a digital upgrade.


Easy-to-use CMS
Dynamic Front-End
Subscription Service
WordPress Implementation w/ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)


Finance and Banking
Natural Resources
Multinational Corporations

Maritime Data Modeling

Seeking a partner that would bring rigor, trustworthiness, and ingenuity to the development process, CargoMetrics tapped Isovera to develop a ground-up website with a user-friendly content management system and a dynamic front end to express its brand and new business focus.

Isovera developed the site on a WordPress platform using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) to provide maximum ease of management yet ultimate design customization capability. These implementation decisions would make it possible for CargoMetrics employees to quickly and intuitively update content on the back end without limiting front-end design to templates—one of the many benefits of developing in WordPress. Working with CargoMetric’s design partner—Gupta Media—Isovera animated rich graphics and created frictionless data subscription interfaces throughout the site.

Cargo Metrics data products and SaaS solutions

Ground-Up Development Build Out


Rich Front End Capacity


User-Friendly CMS


Phase 2 Partnership and Strategic Support