Boston Dynamics

Evolving Boston Dynamic’s digital ecosystem to align with their new business & customer strategy.

Boston Dynamics

The Project

The world's most advanced robotics engineers modern their presence on the web in two phases, first to showcase R&D, then to launch a new business model.


Brand Repositioning, Brand Refresh, UX, UI, Full Site Redesign, Backend Sales Automation, HubSpot Integration, Drupal Layout Builder


Warehouse Automation, Life Sciences, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Military

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Boston Dynamics Platform

For years, Boston Dynamics thrilled YouTube viewers with uploaded videos demonstrating the latest mind-bending capabilities of their most famous legged robots, including Spot. Equipped with perception, navigation, and intelligence, Boston Dynamics robots can conquer harsh terrains and perform automated tasks in unstructured environments.

As groundbreaking as their work was, the Boston Dynamics website did not match the company's innovative mindset. Still in R&D, they needed a digital presence that would align their brand identity with their highly engineered, future-facing work. Hugely popular product videos already stoked more interest than they could manage, so the challenge was not to drive leads or build awareness. Instead, Boston Dynamics sought a digital partner who could keep up with them along their atypical pathway to success.

Isovera helps Boston Dynamics transform its online presence in an authentic way that keeps pace with its frontier-driving research, visibility, and sales requirements.
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Technology Transformation & Digital Strategy


Design, UX And Improving Customer Experiences


Development Of Digital Solutions


Ongoing Support & Skill Augmentation

Isovera first rebooted Boston Dynamic's digital presence by delivering, in under 10 weeks, a fully redesigned Drupal 8 website that was content rich and built for growth. To gather the authentic voices necessary to inform the redesign, people from across the organization rallied for discovery meetings to create internal alignment around the brand. The result? A simple, non-transactional site with a contemporary look and feel that highlighted the visionary work done by the firm without encouraging public engagement.

When Boston Dynamics was ready to bring their robots to market, they again chose Isovera to support the transformation of their brand and overall digital presence. After additional discovery to clarify their new market position and business requirements, the Drupal site was visually transformed and upgraded on the backend to incorporate Layout Builder, Drupal's component-based content manager. Enabling staff to create and edit content would be a critical component of the overall success of the newly automated sales pipeline, which we facilitated through additional backend integration with HubSpot. Agile Isovera best practices helped expedite the process by delivering new site features every two weeks.