Archdiocese of Boston

Creating a consolidated infrastructure & digital strategy for 288 parishes and 116 schools.

The Project

Serving the needs of 1.8 million individuals, the ​Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston (RCAB)​ maintains several hundred websites over a number of CMSs, and needed a consolidated way to maintain, update, and grow their digital presence.


UX Design
UI Design
Drupal Development
Content Development


Social Awareness

How We Solved It

RCAB’s disjointed websites resulted in costly and time consuming updates and platform upgrades, and an inconsistent brand image.

Needing easy-to-maintain websites for 288 parishes and 116 schools – in addition to Central Ministries – RCAB enlisted Isovera to create a consolidated infrastructure and digital strategy to align its numerous disparate sites.

Dubbing Isovera’s work the “Digital Initiative,” RCAB considers internal business adoption of the platform as its greatest initial success, migrating hundreds of websites with a single template. This work was done using Acquia Site Factory, which allows for many websites to be built using one template, making websites quicker to spin up, simpler to manage, and easier to update.

How It Fueled Results

RCAB now features 15 live parish/collaborative websites and 14 more in Site Factory, with all 157 sites expected to be live in the next two to four years – an impressive timeframe given the intricacies of working with each parish.

Additionally, RCAB has realized cost savings across the organization, with the streamlined process reducing design, development, maintenance, and hosting fees.


Technology Transformation & Digital Strategy


Design, UX And Improving Customer Experiences


Development Of Digital Solutions


Ongoing Support & Skill Augmentation