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Jason Pamental // May 2016

I had the honor earlier in May to give a talk at DrupalCon New Orleans titled ‘Once Upon a Drop Cap’—my first since joining the Isovera team (slides and video below). The talk was a pretty new one about the history of typography as user experience, and how typography has evolved with the advent of digital systems and dynamic content. I’m really pleased with how it came out, and since the headcount for the session was about a hundred more than they told me the room could hold, I’m thrilled that it apparently connected well with my Drupal community colleagues as well!


This was my 8th DrupalCon (and I’ve been lucky to have spoken at 5 of them) and Holly Ross’ comment really rings true: it always feels like coming home. As someone who does this as a regular part of my job, I attend a lot of different design and web-focused events. But there’s something amazing about going to a conference of 3,000+ and feeling like I know half the people there already—and will know even more by the time I leave—that hits home every time. Getting the chance to experience that with six of my new colleagues made it even better.

For me, type has always been about the blending of art and science, design and technical implementation. That’s what keeps me inspired to push both the thinking and the doing all the time. Drupal is like that too: it’s a blend of platform, enabling technology, prototyping tool and community hub. I can’t think of a better place to be.

(and the icing on the cake? My talk was featured in O’Reilly’s Web Newsletter on May 18th!)

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