Remote Work: How to be the Team MVP Without Ever Setting Foot in the Office [NEDCamp 2018]

Kellie Walton // November 2018

Do you work from home on a regular basis?

Do you manage developers that work remotely, or offshore? Is your top client in another time zone?! With 43% of US workers working remotely at least part-time last year, remote work is more than a passing trend.

This presentation is a spinoff of an earlier post with the same title (you can read the original post here!) and provides strategies for both individual contributors and managers to successfully navigate the unique challenges of the distributed workforce.


Remote Work: How To Be the Team MVP Without Ever Setting Foot In The Office

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Kellie Walton

Director of Client Services & Strategy

I work with both clients and internal teams to identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities, and challenges. As Strategy Director, I provide clear roadmaps to solve for those issues, and I create and oversee the execution of plans to meet a variety of strategic objectives at Isovera.