Isovera Wins BlueDrop Award for Hunter Boot eCommerce Site

Stephen Sanzo // August 2014

Waltham, MA (June 3, 2014) — Waltham, MA based Isovera has been named winner of a BlueDrop award for best Marketplace/eCommerce site for Drupal web development work for the Hunter Boot ecommerce site ( Hunter Boot is an international luxury fashion company, known best for their iconic “Welly” rain boots. 

The US and Canadian websites each seamlessly communicate with and integrate country-specific shipping and warehouse software (Powerhouse and NLS), as well as PayPal payment processing utilizing Drupal Commerce and Cybersource. This multi-system integration ensures an enjoyable shopping experience for the customer, while also providing an easily-managed site backend for Hunter Boot’s internal staff.

Due to the scalable and adaptable nature of Drupal, when the need for a Canada-specific site was determined, much of the development work from the US site could be reused. The Canadian site was set on a fast-track schedule, and was launched much sooner than what would have been possible with other development platforms.

Isovera’s COO Stephen Sanzo is encouraged by the emergence of major brands embracing Drupal, “This project only strengthens our message that Drupal is continuing to be a prefered development platform for eCommerce clients. The opportunity for scalability, expandability, and customization is very attractive for those looking to replace, or integrate with, a proprietary solution.”

About Isovera

Isovera is a Drupal web development company located just outside Boston. We specialize in offering commerce solutions and enterprise-level Drupal development to clients such as Hunter Boot, Skinner Auctions, and Harvard University.

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My role is to set the overall vision and direction for Isovera, while also making sure our employees enjoy coming to work every day and clients are happy. I also am responsible for making bad pop culture references. There are a lot of great parts of my job, but the best is listening to staff get excited about projects and solutions.

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