Drupal: Design SOS [Design4Drupal 2018]

Benji Fisher // July 2018

Save Our Software! Drupal desperately needs some design help.

There is no denying it: Drupal was originally built by and for developers, without much input from designers.

A few adventurous designers are trying to make up for lost time. Would you like to join them?

This recorded session from Design 4 Drupal, Boston 2018 takes a look at some recent improvements, some ongoing work, and some blue-sky ideas for improving the Drupal admin UI, such as

  • The redesigned status page
  • The Umami demonstration theme
  • The core Media browser
  • The initiative to redesign the admin UI
  • New ideas!
Drupal: Design SOS, Benji Fisher

Session Overview

About me

yellow pig
  • Drupal developer since 2012
  • Senior Drupal Developer at Isovera since 2016
  • The hat is supposed to suggest my d.o/GH avatar, see http://yp17.org
  • I care about reliability, maintainability.
  • I hate duplicated effort.
  • I wear Dad jeans.
  • You shouldn’t ask me to choose the color scheme.
  • Interest in UX, not visual design.
  • Strength in diversity: I work with designers.
  • Lots of people like my work with Drupal.

About Isovera

  • Design. Develop. Drupal.
  • We’re a small company in Waltham, MA
  • We’re currently looking for FE developer, and always looking for contractors (that’s right—we’re hiring!)

About Drupal

  • A CMS is hard when it comes to security and flexibility
  • Drupal strengths:
    • security
    • forms
    • user management
    • structured/related content
    • caching
  • Drupal weaknesses:
    • admin UX
    • visual design

Drupal Requirements

Core gates: https://www.drupal.org/core/gates

  • Documentation
  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Testing

Admin UX (some progress)

So where has progress been made?

  • Drupal 7 node-edit form
  • Drupal 8 node-edit form
  • Drupal 7 status report
  • Drupal 8 status report (after Drupal 8.3.0)

Media library (active development)

Admin UX (needs work)

Modernize the Seven theme


  • The Umami demo theme/profile, with sample content.
  • The list of issues that have to be fixed to make it stable.

Information Architecture (Blue Sky)

  • Is there a better way to navigate than nested menus?
  • Block library under /admin/content instead of /admin/structure/block?

Add/configure fields to a content type (Blue Sky)

This is central to how Drupal works.

Getting involved!

  • Come to the D4D Boston 2018 sprint tomorrow! I will be there.
  • Join Drupal on Slack and then join
    • the #ux channel
    • the #admin-ui channel