Ditch the PDFs. "Drupalize" Your Large-Scale Documents

Stephen Sanzo // January 2011

We are very excited to be launching a new solution for large-scale publications. Developed on the Drupal platform, Isovera has developed interactive, fully-customizable, “living” documents. This solution can help achieve greater results from content you traditionally deliver in print or PDF format. Great for instructional manuals, guides, or other publications.

Here a just a few benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate print costs
  • Transform a static document into  a “living” document enabling frequent updates, edits, and user interaction
  • Open Source (Drupal) platform means no license fees or vendor lock-in
  • Customizable user types to accomodate individual or group users

Feature-rich interface provides more value to users, including:

  • Bookmark individual sections or pages that are stored in the application
  • Add notes for both individuals or groups for any section of the document
  • Email specific sections or pages
  • Notification settings for updates or changes to the sections or the entire document
  • Custom printing features with “What You See is What You Get,” functionality

This is definitely a solution that you have to really see to get a good grasp of its benefits. We are looking forward to introducing this to folks in the coming months!

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Stephen Sanzo


My role is to set the overall vision and direction for Isovera, while also making sure our employees enjoy coming to work every day and clients are happy. I also am responsible for making bad pop culture references. There are a lot of great parts of my job, but the best is listening to staff get excited about projects and solutions.