Commerce Guys and Hunter Boots Webinar

Aaron Shenette // October 2014

Remy Denton and Rob Higgins presented a webinar with Commerce Guys showcasing the ways Drupal Commerce has been utilized by Hunter Boots. Hunter Boots is an international luxury fashion company specializing in their quintessentially-British Welly — or rain boot.

Tune in below to get a better understanding of the solutions Isovera came up with to upload and manage new content and products, integrations used for payment processing and shipping, as well as inventory and warehouse management. 

Regardless of your involvement using Drupal, we hope that you will come away with an appreciation for what Drupal Commerce can handle, and how it might play a role in your next Drupal project. 


To learn more about our services and how we might fit into your next Drupal project, please use our Request an Estimate form or email me at

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