Ask Isovera Episode 2: The Developer/Designer Relationship

Kellie Walton // February 2017

“Ask Isovera” features video shorts - answering questions on Drupal, UX, strategy, or maybe even the meaning of life. We look forward to providing helpful information and also letting folks get to know the Isovera team. In “Ask Isovera Episode 2: The Developer/Designer Relationship”, Isovera’s CEO, Steve Sanzo and Isovera’s Senior Director of Design and Technical Strategy, Jason Pamental answer questions and share tips with this often complicated dynamic.

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Here is Episode 2! - “The Developer/Designer Relationship”

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Kellie Walton

Kellie Walton

I manage all aspects of project development for Drupal applications for a variety of clients. This includes everything from scheduling and managing project resources to serving as a point person for clients to overseeing project finances.

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